Episode 35: No Little Women

In this episode, Tyrell sits down with Aimee Byrd, author of No Little Women and co-host of the Mortification of Spin podcast, to discuss how to equip women for service in the gospel. Strengthening women in the church strengthens the whole church. Cultivating resolved, competent women equips them to fulfil their calling as Christ’s disciples and men’s … Read more Episode 35: No Little Women

Episode 33: You Who?

“Who am I?” Could there be a more fundamental–and divisive–question for our era? And not just ours, but for every generation before us? It was in answer to this question that Rachel Jankovic wrote You Who? Why You Matter and How to Deal with It in which she seeks to help Christians know who they truly are … Read more Episode 33: You Who?

Episode 30: Christianity in Vietnam

The word “Vietnam” speaks of the tenacious Viet culture and its varied, yet distinct cuisine and social customs that have survived invasions and colonisation. Nam (south) refers to the expansion to the south from the original north and central domain. Long and narrow, Vietnam lies on the eastern coast of Southeast Asia’s Indochinese Peninsula. Laos … Read more Episode 30: Christianity in Vietnam

Episode 28: Discipleship

Most Christians believe that men are indeed the method of Jesus, but precious few are willing to invest their lives by putting all their eggs in one basket. Believing this people-orientated philosophy and practicing it are entirely different matters. A large problem in Christendom is that we don’t want to take the risk or the … Read more Episode 28: Discipleship

Episode 27: Apartheid and the Bible

What a mighty power is love that can overcome evil, cover painful memories, forgive, forgo revenge and arrest resentment. By forgiving, we do become Christ to others. By bearing in our bodies the weight of unjust accusation, undeserved pain, and unretaliated harm, we are the Holy Spirit’s message of Jesus to others. By the practice … Read more Episode 27: Apartheid and the Bible

Episode 26: Racial Reconciliation in the Church

People who treat others as inferior are those who themselves suffer from a sense of inferiority and insecurity. Others are a threat to them because they don’t have a sense of being important to the eternal God. They don’t have the assurance that this God will look after them more than adequately. When we lose … Read more Episode 26: Racial Reconciliation in the Church

Episode 25: Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics

Whenever a Christian converses with a non-Christian about the truth of the faith, every request of the non-Christian for the proof of Christianity should be met with an equally serious request of proof for the non-Christian’s philosophy of life. Otherwise we get the false impression that the Christian worldview is tentative and uncertain, while the … Read more Episode 25: Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics