Episode 18: Why Africa is Poor

Explaining Africa’s poverty is by no means a straightforward exercise. Unsurprisingly it has generated polarised debate. On the one extreme are those who see a congenital problem with the African race, summed up as intellectual inferiority. The other end has those who heap the blame on external hedonistic forces called imperialists. So, is Africa a … Read more Episode 18: Why Africa is Poor

Episode 16: Addiction (Part 2)

If we allow the Bible to reveal the unseen spiritual realities behind addictions, we suddenly realise that addictions are more than self-destructive behaviours. They are violations of God’s laws: his laws that call us to avoid drunkenness and immoderate self-indulgence (Romans 13:13), his law that calls us to love others (1 John 4:7), and his … Read more Episode 16: Addiction (Part 2)

Episode 14: Faith and Repentance

Repentance and faith infallibly and inseparably flow from regeneration. True repentance takes place when God enables a heart to turn away from sin. This does not mean believers will not still struggle with sin, but rather they are aware of their sin and they feel sorrow and conviction before God. Faith is more than intellectual … Read more Episode 14: Faith and Repentance

Episode 10: How to Study the Bible

Many people believe that theological study holds little value. They say, “I don’t need theology; I just need to know Jesus.” Yet theology is unavoidable for every Christian. It is our attempt to understand the truth that God has revealed to us—something every Christian does. So it is not a question of whether we are … Read more Episode 10: How to Study the Bible