Episode 49: Questions and Answers

At what point does vocational diligence become corrupting idolatry? How would you advise someone who has been exposed to much Christian teaching but still struggles to trust in Christ? Will we pray in heaven? What makes a good sermon? What does it mean to pray without ceasing? Where is heaven? What is the difference between … Read more Episode 49: Questions and Answers

Episode 47: Questions and Answers

Should we pray for the nation of Israel in a particular way? What does the Bible teach about regeneration and faith? What does it mean to fear God? How do we go about discerning God’s calling on our lives? How can we persevere faithfully in God’s revealed will in the midst of great difficulty and … Read more Episode 47: Questions and Answers

Episode 46: Church Leadership

Jesus Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. To love Christ means to love his church. A part of loving the church is understanding the way in which God has designed the church to work. A part of the way the church works is through God-appointed leaders. In this episode of Table Talk, … Read more Episode 46: Church Leadership

Episode 44: World Evangelisation

After his resurrection, and before he ascended to heaven, Jesus left his disciples, and the church, with one Great Commission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations (Matthew 28:18–20). By the power of the Spirit, the gospel has reached to all corners of the globe, yet much work remains to be done. The … Read more Episode 44: World Evangelisation

Episode 43: The Way Forward

A lot of Christian men—and small groups of men—feel stuck. They have a sincere desire to grow but feel confused about what to do next. Joe Barnard’s The Way Forward is a road–map for men who want to cut through the noise and distraction of the 21st century and take definite steps toward spiritual maturity. … Read more Episode 43: The Way Forward

Episode 42: Biblical Counselling

In a sin-cursed world in which people face all sorts of afflictions and difficulties, people desperately need God’s word. Biblical counselling is comprehensively Christ-centred. It assumes the truth of Scripture and the centrality of the local church in bringing people to Christ and bringing Christians to sanctification. Biblical counselling uses Scripture as the source for … Read more Episode 42: Biblical Counselling

Episode 40: Know Your Creed

It’s a throwback to Episode 1 of Table Talk as Lance Laughton, area co-ordinator of the Baptist Northern Association, rejoins Tyrell on the show. Lance and Tyrell discuss the importance of churches and believers knowing what they believe, what they don’t believe, and why. Doctrine is more than merely theoretical, and while creeds and confessions … Read more Episode 40: Know Your Creed

Episode 39: Public Bible Reading

In this episode, Tyrell sits down again with Mark Penrith, pastor-teacher of Crystal Park Baptist Church in Benoni, South Africa. Mark and Tyrell discuss the significance of Bible reading—and particularly public Bible reading in corporate worship. Paul commanded the public reading of Scripture for corporate worship (1 Timothy 4:13). This practice dates all the way … Read more Episode 39: Public Bible Reading