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Episode 15: Addiction


Episode 15: Addiction

Table Talk with Tyrell
Table Talk with Tyrell
Episode 15: Addiction

If we allow the Bible to reveal the unseen spiritual realities behind addictions, we suddenly realise that addictions are more than self-destructive behaviours. They are violations of God’s laws: his laws that call us to avoid drunkenness and immoderate self-indulgence (Romans 13:13), his law that calls us to love others (1 John 4:7), and his law that calls us to live for him rather than ourselves (1 Corinthians 10:31). This means that addiction is more about someone’s relationship with God than it is about biology. It reveals our allegiances: what we want, what we love, whom and what we serve. It brings us to that all-important question, will you live for the fulfilment of your desires or for God?

0:01:40—Introducing Dr. Bill Hines
0:04:20—Master of Puppets
0:08:14—Dr Hines’s Story
0:27:50—How to Help a Constantly Relapsing Adult Child
0:59:50—Why Addicts Lie
1:21:00—Woman’s intuition


Addictions Biblical Counselling Conference

Leaving Yesterday Behind: A Victim No More by Bill Hines [Amazon Kindle]

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