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Episode 38: The Epistle of James


Episode 38: The Epistle of James

Table Talk with Tyrell
Table Talk with Tyrell
Episode 38: The Epistle of James

In this episode, Tyrell sits down once again with Mark Penrith, pastor-teacher of Crystal Park Baptist Church in Benoni, South Africa. Mark and Tyrell discuss the New Testament epistle of James and its relevance to 21st-century South African Christians.

James is an intensely practical letter. The author leaves us in no doubt as to the kind of obedience that is expected from his readers, and there are few who could read the book without heartfelt conviction.

Herbert F. Stevenson writes of James, “His theme is conduct rather than creed.” Gordon J. Keddie notes, “There is an ethical crispness to James that places the issues relentlessly in the foreground of the mind; James gives a definitive prescription for truly practical Christianity.” Again, Keddie adds that James “is a manual for practical godliness.” John MacArthur observes that “James has been compared to … Proverbs because of its direct, pungent statements on wise living.” Warren Wiersbe gives an interesting statistic: “There are over 50 imperatives in this epistle; James did not suggest, he commanded.” And Derek Tidball summarised it wonderfully: “Here is theology in working man’s clothes.”

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