Episode 58: Peace Child

Headhunting cannibals who used their victims’ skulls as pillows, the Sawi people of New Guinea seemed to still be living in the Stone Age. Among the Sawi, treachery was more than a way of life; it was an ideal which unnumbered generations of their people had conceived, systematized and perfected. For them, to “fatten with … Read more Episode 58: Peace Child

Episode 48: Through Gates of Splendor

On 8 January, 1956, five Christian missionaries were martyred by members of the Huaorani people as they sought to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Ecuadorian rain forest. Elisabeth Elliot, wife of Jim, one of the martyred missionaries, tells the story in her book Through Gates of Splendor. In this episode of … Read more Episode 48: Through Gates of Splendor