Episode 57: A Reformation Story

The Reformers famously declared that the church, having reformed, should always be reforming. Reformation was not a one-time event at a particular point in church history: God continues to do the work of reformation in the lives of his people and churches today. Brad Evangelista was raised Pentecostal. God graciously rescued him and brought him … Read more

Episode 56: The Korean Pentecost

In August 1901, William and Edith Blair became missionaries to Korea under the Presbyterian Board of Missions and served in Pyongyang, Korea (now in North Korea) for forty years. During his first term of missionary service, William Blair was at the centre of a great revival in 1907. His account of this and the events … Read more

Episode 52: Theological Education

Theological education is an important aspect of disciple-making and church-planting. The question in regards to training really pertains to how much is needed and how it is to be achieved. Where should theological education take place? What place does the local church play in training, and what place do parachurch ministries play in the same? … Read more

Episode 51: What is an Evangelist?

What is an evangelist? Should we even use the word “evangelist” or “evangelism”? Who should evangelise? In today’s discussion, Tyrell is joined again by his friend Desmond Henry from the Luis Palau Association to discuss what the Bible teaches about evangelism and how we should think about our responsibility to evangelise and share our faith … Read more

Episode 49: Questions and Answers

At what point does vocational diligence become corrupting idolatry? How would you advise someone who has been exposed to much Christian teaching but still struggles to trust in Christ? Will we pray in heaven? What makes a good sermon? What does it mean to pray without ceasing? Where is heaven? What is the difference between … Read more

Episode 48: Through Gates of Splendor

On 8 January, 1956, five Christian missionaries were martyred by members of the Huaorani people as they sought to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Ecuadorian rain forest. Elisabeth Elliot, wife of Jim, one of the martyred missionaries, tells the story in her book Through Gates of Splendor. In this episode of … Read more