Episode 88: Questions and Answers

What does the Bible say about lobola? Can a Christian celebrate the Day of the Oath? What is the covenant code? Did Saul lose his salvation? Can a Christian be demon possessed? What is the mark of Cain? In this week’s episode, Tyrell is back to answer questions on a variety of Bible-related themes. Listen … Read more

Episode 87: Russell Berger

Russell Berger is a Christian thinker and host of the Defend and Confirm podcast, in which he discusses various matters related to church life and theology. In this episode, Tyrell has a general conversation with Russell about his life and Christian ministry. Follow Russell on Twitter. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on the web. Follow the … Read more

Episode 86: Practising Affirmation

Why do so many of our relationships suffer from alienation, indifference, and even hostility? Author Sam Crabtree believes that often at the heart of these breakdowns is a lack of affirmation. He observes that God grants mercy to those who refresh others, and in life that people tend to be influenced by those who praise … Read more

Episode 85: The Opportunity of the Evangelist

Every day, opportunities abound for Christians to share their faith. In this week’s episode, Tyrell and Desmond Henry, director of Global Network of Evangelists at the Luis Palau Association, discuss what it means to have no regrets in sharing the gospel by making most of every opportunity. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on the web. Follow … Read more

Episode 84: Christians and War

Should war be avoided if possible? Should war only be undertaken if all efforts to resolve an issue by peaceful means have failed? Is war a result of failure to live by God’s standards? In this episode, Tyrell and his guest, Andrew Whitman, a chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces, discuss a Christian attitude toward … Read more

Episode 83: Questions and Answers

Tyrell is back for another round of questions and answers. How do you speak about hell to another Christian who rejects its existence? Was Junia a female apostle in authority? What is sexual orientation and how should Christians react to it? Tyrell addresses these and other listener-submitted questions in this episode. Find Table Talk with … Read more

Episode 82: Church Post-Lockdown

For most of 2020, churches in South Africa, and across the world, have had to adjust to a new normal. But church lockdown must eventually give way to church post-lockdown. What will that look like? What lessons must we learn from lockdown that will persist long after restrictions are lifted? In today’s episode, Tyrell and … Read more

Episode 81: The Reformed Pastor

Richard Baxter was vicar of Kidderminster from 1647 to 1661. J. I. Packer describes him as “the most outstanding pastor, evangelist and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced.” His ministry transformed the people of Kidderminster from “an ignorant, rude and revelling people” to a godly, worshipping community. In his classic work, The … Read more

Episode 80: Humility

Humility was a defining character quality of Jesus Christ and is a virtue in the life of the Christian. Humility is a particularly important character quality in the life of the evangelist. In this episode, Tyrell is joined by returning guest Des Henry from the Luis Palau Association to talk about humility as it relates … Read more

Episode 79: Evangelism

Christians instinctively know that there lies upon us the responsibility to share our faith with others, but evangelism is sadly a lacking discipline in too many Christian lives and churches. This week, Tyrell is joined again by Tommie van der Walt from Imprint as they talk all things evangelism. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on … Read more