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Episode 9: Biblical Discipleship


Episode 9: Biblical Discipleship

Table Talk with Tyrell
Table Talk with Tyrell
Episode 9: Biblical Discipleship

The true convert is a disciple, a person who has accepted and submitted himself to Jesus Christ, whatever that may mean or demand. The truly converted person is filled with the Holy Spirit and given a new nature that yearns to obey and worship the Lord who has saved him. Even when he is disobedient, he knows he is living against the grain of his new nature, which is to honour and please the Lord. He loves righteousness and hates sin, including his own.

0:06:25What is discipleship?
0:09:20Thapelo and Sihle’s stories
0:22:09Celebs and Last Days Fam
0:23:25Why is discipleship important
0:28:00Discipleship happens in the church
0:37:00Biggest challenges for a church plant
0:51:00Difference between grace and salvation
0:55:30What is the Jezebel spirit?
1:04:00Discipleship from afar
1:07:00Hold the line all the time
1:10:50How soon should discipleship take place after joining a church?
1:14:00Binding and loosing
1:19:00Sorrow about so many young men in prison
1:21:00Follow Paul as he follows Christ
1:23:30Discipleship account at the ranks


The Cost of Discipleship (by Dietrich Bonhoeffer) [Amazon Kindle]
Discipleship Reboot (by Jay Lickey) [Good Neighbours]
Discipleship: What It Really Means to Be a Christian (by A. W. Tozer) [Good Neighbours] [Amazon Kindle]
The Message of Discipleship (by Peter Morden) [Good Neighbours] [Amazon Kindle]

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