Episode 95: Leadership Development

Tyrell is officially no longer the host of Table Talk in Radio Pulpit, but in an outgoing guest appearance, Tyrell joins new host, Mark Penrith, to discuss leadership development within the context of the local church. Among other things, the two talked about humility as a key characteristic of a servant leader, using Christ’s language … Read more

Episode 97: Questions and Answers

Episode 97: Questions and Answers This week is a significant milestone in the life of the podcast. It is the last week that the show will be broadcast on Radio Pulpit as a weekly talk show. For his last run on Radio Pulpit, Tyrell once again tackles questions submitted by Table Talk listeners. How should … Read more

Episode 96: Hugo Lategan

Hugo Lategan is the retired pastor of Northcliff Union Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hugo served as Tyrell’s childhood pastor. In this week’s episode, Tyrell sits with Hugo to discuss life and ministry in general and to reminisce about their past experiences. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on the web. Follow the program on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Listen … Read more

Episode 95: Heritage Baptist Church (Part 2)

Last week, Tyrell sat with fellow elders, Mpumelelo Kunene and Michael Rogers, to discuss the legacy of Heritage Baptist Church. This week, they continue that discussion. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on the web. Follow the program on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Listen live every Friday at 9:00 AM (SAST) on Radio Pulpit 675AM and Cape Pulpit 729AM. Follow … Read more

Episode 94: Heritage Baptist Church

For ten years, Tyrell has been pastoring Heritage Baptist Church, a church in Melville, Johannesburg. God used Tyrell and fellow pastor, Michael Rogers, to plant the church ten years ago. In this week’s episode, Tyrell, Michael, and fellow pastor Lelo Kunene talk about their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned in planting and pastoring Heritage … Read more

Episode 93: Discipling

Discipling is integral to the Christian life and local church ministry. As Christians, we all have the God-given responsibility to make disciples. What does discipling look like? In what context might it take place? How do we practically become involved in this vital aspect of the Christian life? In this episode, Tyrell is joined by … Read more

Episode 92: Theological Education in Africa

Theological training is essential to effective church ministry. Sound theological training is crucial in the African context. Thankfully, institutions like Mukhanyo Theological College in South Africa aim to provide such sound education for the African context. In this episode, Isaac Maleke and Tebogo Mogale from Mukhanyo sit with Tyrell to discuss theological education in Africa. … Read more

Episode 91: The Doctrines of Grace

John Calvin is perhaps best known for the system of teaching given his name (Calvinism), which is popularly encapsulated into five points: total depravity; unconditional election; limited atonement; irresistible grace; and perseverance of the saints. In this week’s episode, Tyrell is joined again by Mark Penrith from Crystal Park Baptist Church as they discuss the … Read more

Episode 90: The Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation was a major movement within Western Christianity in 16th-century Europe that posed a religious and political challenge to the Catholic Church and in particular to papal authority. In this episode, Tyrell is joined by Mark Penrith, pastor of Crystal Park Baptist Church in Benoni, South Africa, to discuss the history and theology … Read more

Episode 89: Burying Your Ministry in 2020

It’s probably fair to say that 2020 threw everyone for a spin. Nobody anticipated the tumultuous year it has been. If we are not careful, tumultuous times like this can easily kill churches and ministries. In this week’s episode, Desmond Henry from the Luis Palau Association returns to talk with Tyrell about how to your … Read more