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Episode 58: Peace Child

Table Talk with Tyrell
Table Talk with Tyrell
Episode 58: Peace Child

Headhunting cannibals who used their victims’ skulls as pillows, the Sawi people of New Guinea seemed to still be living in the Stone Age. Among the Sawi, treachery was more than a way of life; it was an ideal which unnumbered generations of their people had conceived, systematized and perfected. For them, to “fatten with friendship” a victim before the slaughter was the highest, most glorious form of treachery. The heroes of Sawi legend weren’t those who took the greatest number of heads in battle or ambush, but those who were the most deceitful in befriending their victims before they took their heads. It was to these people that Don and Carol Richardson went in 1962, risking their lives to share the gospel and tell of the true Peace Child, a figure the Sawis knew vaguely from their own mythology. In this episode, Tyrell and Stuart Chase, an elder at Brackenhurst Baptist Church in Alberton, Johannesburg, talk through the story and legacy of the Richardsons and their mission to the Sawi people of Indonesia.

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