Episode 79: Evangelism

Christians instinctively know that there lies upon us the responsibility to share our faith with others, but evangelism is sadly a lacking discipline in too many Christian lives and churches. This week, Tyrell is joined again by Tommie van der Walt from Imprint as they talk all things evangelism. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on … Read more

Episode 69: Masculinity

What does it mean, biblically speaking, to act like a man? Following their conversation in Episode 65 on raising boys, Tyrell is joined again by Tommie van der Walt from Imprint to talk further about what the Bible teaches about masculinity. Find Table Talk with Tyrell on the web. Follow the program on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Listen live … Read more

Episode 65: Masculinity

How do we build our sons to be tough but not arrogant, mannered but not soft, imaginative but not lazy, bold but not hollow? Using Douglas Wilson’s book, Future Men Tyrell and his guest, Tommie van der Walt from Imprint, discuss the responsibilities and challenges of raising strong, virtuous sons, contrary to the effeminacy and … Read more

Episode 11: The Atonement

It would not have been right for the restoration of human nature to be left undone, and it could not have been done unless man paid what was owing to God for sin. But the debt was so great that, while man alone owed it, God alone could pay it, so that the same person … Read more

Episode 5: Ecclesiology

A local church is a group of Christians who regularly gather in Christ’s name to officially affirm and oversee one another’s membership in Jesus Christ and his kingdom through gospel preaching and gospel ordinances. 0:00:00—Opening 0:03:55—Introducing Kenneth Mbugua 0:05:00—African-specific books 0:06:25—What is the church? 0:21:45—Hierarchy and spiritual covering 0:48:00—Deacons 0:56:00—How the church defines God’s love … Read more

Episode 4: Missions

Missions is the church’s sending out of missionaries (the sent ones) to pioneer the church among peoples who otherwise have no access of the gospel. By studying the apostles’ work in the New Testament, we learn that missionaries are focused on evangelising, planting churches, establishing elders in the churches, setting the churches in order, and … Read more